Creating Habitat Havens through Regenerative Landscaping

At Terra Havens, we specialize in creating regenerative landscapes that thrive with organic abundance. Our team of passionate stewards combines ecological wisdom with innovative design techniques to create harmonious and resilient gardens that benefit both people and the planet.

Our Services

Our core service revolves around permaculture design and installation to transform your space into a thriving and sustainable environment as well as an add on maintenance service to keep it thriving. Our dedicated team combines your custom design with meticulous installation techniques to bring your vision to life.


Our design process begins with a thorough understanding of your goals, preferences, and the unique characteristics of your site. We carefully assess the available resources, climate, and existing ecosystem to create a customized design that maximizes productivity, aesthetics, and environmental harmony. Whether it's a small backyard or a vast landscape, we create plans that optimize space, enhance biodiversity, and promote the health of the ecosystem.


Once the design is finalized, our skilled team takes charge of the installation process. We utilize efficient and sustainable methods to bring the design to reality, ensuring precision and attention to detail at every step. From preparing the soil and selecting the right plant varieties to implementing water management systems and installing infrastructure, we handle the entire installation process with expertise and professionalism.


No matter where you are on Earth or in your journey, our team is here to guide you towards your green dream. With your vision at the forefront we'll provide guidance and suggestions using permaculture and ecological principles. We'll carefully assess your space, whether it's a small city lot or a larger area, considering factors like climate, planting zones, topography, and available space.

Our Work

Vibrant Food Systems

We carefully plan and create food systems that mimic how forests work in nature. Our designs incorporate organic farming practices and permaculture principles to enhance biodiversity, soil fertility, and ecosystem resilience. Using methods such as sheet mulching, polycultures, and no-till soil management we rejuvenate the soil, reduce the need for synthetic inputs, and cultivate nutrient-rich, flavorful crops.

We tailor our whole food systems to the unique needs and spaces of our clients from garden beds to large acre farms. Our team of certified Permaculture Designers and skilled Installation Specialists comprehensive support, from initial planning and design to installation and ongoing maintenance.

Integrated Water Management

We create water management systems that integrate rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse, and natural filtration to reduce water waste and pollution. We help homes, businesses, and communities minimize waste and contribute to a healthier environment. Our goal is to reduce water bills, conserve resources, and mitigating the impacts of drought.

Lush Gardens

We are passionate about growing lush gardens that serve as havens for wildlife, offer medicinal benefits, promote biodiversity, and encourage thriving pollinator communities.

We prioritize the use of native plants, which not only thrive in their natural habitat and also promote ecosystem vitality.

Whether you seek a refuge for wildlife, cultivating food and natural remedies, more butterflies or pollinators or a rock garden, our team of ecological designers will bring your vision to life, weaving together ecology, beauty, and harmony in every garden we create.

About Terra Havens

We are dedicated to creating landscapes that regenerate our land back to it's natural forestry.

Beyond the technical aspects of our work, we are driven by a profound love for the Earth and a commitment to creating a better future. We believe that through thoughtful design and implemention, we can recreate what nature intended our land to be, inspire positive change, and contribute to the well-being of future generations.


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All great things start with a Design in Mind.

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